About me

I’m Claire, journalist, traveller, animal lover and a general busy bee.
In the past few years I have moved around a lot between France, the UK, Canada, the Canary Islands… It is not to catch me face to face, but on here you will find out what I am up to and what I have been working on – articles, blogs, pictures.
Feel free to browse, read and let me know what you think!

More about me?

Some things may sound weird, but they are the most fun: Together with my dad, I have a collection of boomerangs and we are always looking for new, exciting shapes and trying to find impossible shapes which will still fly – and return!
I also like to get involved in training search rescue dogs. Sounds exciting, right? For me, it involves a lot of hiding at street corners, walking a certain track or squeezing into tight spaces in a gym. Those are all places the dogs have to find us. As a “victim”, we re-create situations in which the dogs have to find us and identify us in a group of other people. On the other end of the leash is the trainer, who needs to learn how to read every movement of the animal to know when to abandon a trail, when to open a door.

But I can be normal: writing, reading (of course, where do you think the reviews come from?), crafts, wildlife and travelling. The latter two could be the rest of my life and I would be happy. Personally, I choose nature and wildlife over civilisation whenever I can. I feel alive when I feel that after everything mankind has done to make things bigger and better and faster, we are still in awe at the places that people haven’t touched. If this sounds like a cliché, go diving in an almost undiscovered reef and come up close with a turtle almost your size, stand in the Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia, and take in how vast it is and how small you are in comparison. When an Orca comes out of the ocean and you see the size of just the tail of the animal, this sight can’t be beaten by the highest glass building on earth.
Everyone has something that makes them feel alive and leaves them always craving for more. Mine is seeing new places and meeting new people. It doesn’t have to be down under or abroad. I enjoy seeing all the lives I will never live. I am inquisitive and yes, a little nosey. When I can, I ask questions, I ask to see. And then I like to write about it and share it, hoping to spark an interest in those who just like me, are always looking for something new to discover